UiPath DataTable extensions

One single place for DataTable operations. This package aims to create activities around DataTable that are tested and guaranteed to work 100%.

If you want an operation and you can not find it, please open a new issue.

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Currently, the following operations are supported:

How to use it

  1. Install the package from UiPath Go
  2. Call the Split function which is now available for each DataTable


Split function returns a collection of SplitOperation bjects that can be used in a For Each activity:

Then change the ForEach activity type object from Object to SplitOperation like here:


The code is available at https://github.com/dtila/uipath_datatable_extensions and if you want to share your feedback/thoughts, please open a pull request at https://github.com/dtila/uipath_datatable_extensions/pulls


Daniel Tila - is a systems engineer master degree in system architecture and 10+ years of experience. He worked on airplane engine software, train security doors to bank payment, and printing systems.

He has more than 10 years of experience in the .NET programming environment. He designed applications that are facilitating communication between banks, printing services to airplane engines. How, he is a certified trainer in UiPath and co-founder at Automation Pill, a company that helps organizations optimize their costs by automating repetitive, mundane tasks.

Contributors ✨

This project is open source and we accept pull requests. If you want to be among contributors, create a pull request. We are more than happy to include it in the code.


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